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The Tire Importers and Traders Association of the Philippines (TITAP) a group of almost all the tire brands in the Philippines, has sent a letter to DOTr Secretary Arthur P. Tugade about concerns that they have with the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS). The group stated that the 5-year prescribed age limit for tires was unfair and negligent.

The TITAP stated that “mandating said age will not be commercially coherent,” and cited that modern tire technology that includes polymers, aramids, and other compounds help improve the lifespan of a tire. These new technologies help keep the tires strong even while being stored for long periods in warehouses. The TITAP also says that if these modern tires are stored properly they will have an almost unlimited shelf life.

Furthering their case, the group cited the U.S. NHTSA by saying, tires that are mounted properly and are well maintained can be used for six years safely. Adding more evidence to their argument, the TITAP also stated that a tire can still be safe to use until 10 years after the date of manufacture. The organization further argues still that the basis for when a tire is no longer safe to use should be determined by the tread wear indicator and not necessarily the age. 

The TITAP wanted to bring about these changes with the MVIS, as tire companies are allowed to bring in tires that are manufactured 5 years prior. This means that some dealerships will still have brand new tires in stock that were made in 2015. If the MVIS tire guidelines were enforced to the letter, this would result in some dealerships having to get rid of their stocks, leading to further financial strain.

On top of all of this, the TITAP is also asking the DOTr to address the local trade of used tires in the country. The organization is asking the government to make it illegal, as this could result in safety issues. Some tire shops often offer a small trade-in value for used tires that customers bring in. These tires are no longer safe to use but may find their way back onto the road.

With the MVIS still in limbo, a lot can still happen. As it stands, the MVIS is still not a requirement in renewing the registration of your vehicle. 

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