Mazda3 Fujifilm

To those who want an even better look at the new Mazda3, here is a collaboration between Fujifilm and Mazda Philippines. The two companies conducted a one-day advanced automotive photography masterclass for the motoring press, online influencers, and Fujifilm camera owners. 

Mazda Philippines x Fujifilm

Jan Gonzales is a world renown Fujifilm Philippines brand ambassador. Seasoned commercial photographer, Ricky Ladia, was also present at the event that was dubbed the Master Class. The much-anticipated Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format professional mirrorless camera was used as their gear of choice. 

Mazda3 Mazda Philippines x Fujifilm
The all-new Mazda3 heralds a higher standard of design, craftsmanship and engineering for the Mazda brand. With the Evolved Kodo design, the next generation Mazda3 highlights beauty in simplicity which is a hallmark of true Japanese aesthetic. The Mazda3 is the perfect subject for this Master Class. Photographers will find it easy to find beauty in the way light, shadow and reflections influence its shape and form. The photos taken today truly celebrate the passion and feeling that went into the all-new Mazda3’s development. More so, they highlight the purity in purpose that only a true object of art like the Mazda3 can deliver.
Mazda3 Mazda Philippines x Fujifilm

The workshop gave participants an opportunity to hone their skills and give participants an insight into the inner workings of professional photographers as both Gonzales and Ladia tinkered with the features of the GFX 100 to capture every line and every design element that could be found on the new Mazda3

Ladia’s main focus was on the car interior. He showed how to best photograph the smallest and most minute of detains in every stitch and crease in the interior of the car. Gonzales meanwhile showcased his talents with light manipulation. He explained the various ways on how light can affect how cars appear in photographs. 

Both of the companies partnered together in a match made in automotive and photography heaven. New models adorn their lineup, and come together in order to showcase what innovation can bring. The collaboration is a likely pairing, as photography can be a valuable tool when it comes to appreciating a car’s beauty inside and out.

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