Toyota Supra

Here’s our closest look yet at the eagerly anticipated all-new Toyota Supra, albeit in racing form. 16 years after the end of its production, the Supra name still evokes power and handling, helping define an era of high performance cars for years to come.

Unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the Toyota GR (Gazoo Racing) Supra Racing Concept is front-engine, rear-driven and made with lightweight materials. A recipe for good fun, if you ask us (or anyone for that matter). While the racing concept does have dramatic styling in the form of a huge wing, wide bumpers, and tasty diffusers, if the styling is any indication, the new Supra should be a looker.

The concept also features competition suspension components and BBS racing wheels. Brembo calipers and racing exhaust finish off the exterior nicely. On the inside, the concept is fully race-specced with a racing dashboard, OMP driver's seat with safety harness, a full roll cage, and fire extinguishers.

The partnership of BMW and Toyota hinted at the impending return of the inline six cylinder, because a Supra isn’t a Supra without one. Also we reckon the partnership will mean some form of BMW-derived ZF 8-speed transmission with a dual clutch system. No word on a manual transmission, but the promise of 50:50 weight distribution and a focus on fun driving dynamics may make up for the lack of a three pedals and a shifter.

We’ll have the full specifications for the production model as soon as we can get them, but it’s great to see the return of a Japanese icon.

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