Perodua Axia

The Toyota Wigo has been around for over a decade now, and we’re all eager to see what the new small hatchback will look like. We know that the model’s platform is used by other brands, first and foremost by Daihatsu, and also Perodua, a brand that’s also popular in Malaysia. 

As it turns out, the Perodua Axia is getting a launch soon, this February 14, 2023, in fact. Malaysian source, PaulTan reported on an early-access preview of the soon-to-be-launched Axia with a few photos of its front, rear, and also a little look at its spec sheet to boot. 

Perodua Axia

It’s likely that the new Wigo will not come with the same exact design as the Perodua, but we reckon that it gets quite close. The LED headlights will likely be a shared design feature among the three brands, Toyota included, as will the taillights. 

Perhaps what could change once the platform dons the Toyota badge is the bumper. Toyota has a way with front bumpers, and it’s likely that we will see the Japanese brand putting its own spin on things once the Wigo actually breaks cover. Although, we cannot shake the fact that the Axia looks eerily similar to the previous-generation Avanza, yet another model that is based on a Daihatsu platform. 

Based on PauTan’s coverage, the model will also get an updated interior that is similar to the current Avanza. We’re also seeing a new digital instrument cluster, a 9-inch infotainment touchscreen, and also a digital air conditioner among a host of other changed-up interior elements. 

As for the advertised features, the current press material that PaulTan was able to gather states that the model will come with Toyota Safety Sense, or for the case of Perodua, a version of the suite. It’s likely that forward collision mitigation and auto emergency braking will be a part of the spec sheet. 

We can also expect the same engine from the current-generation Wigo to make a return. The 1.0-liter naturally-aspirated engine is something that we’re all more or less familiar with, with about 66 horsepower and 89 Nm of torque. According to the source, the new Wigo will likely come with a D-CVT transmission, which is a short form for “Dual-Mode CVT.” The new transmission will marry a belt drive with a gear drive, which will give the model the best of both worlds. Acceleration, fuel economy, and refinement are the key benefits of this type of transmission, and it’s a first for the nameplate. 

Perodua Axia

There will also be a start-stop system in play and Perodua Malaysia claims that the Axia is capable of achieving 25.3 to 27.4 km/L with the Eco Idle auto stop/start system active and with testing based on the Malaysian Driving Cycle. There will also be a “power mode” which will bias the car’s engine and transmission for better acceleration and not fuel economy. 

With this launch, it’s also fair to assume that Toyota/Daihatsu will be fielding their own badged models soon enough. Based on how the Perodua looks, however, we’re doubly excited to see what Toyota’s take on this small hatchback will look like. 

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