Honda Patent EV

Products of technology, particularly cars, are often judged as a threat to the environment. Good thing electric vehicles (EV) are becoming a trend nowadays, that’s why another well-known brand is working to keep up with this eco-friendly innovation. Recently, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has filed a patent for its new model dubbed as Bubble City EV.

The patent application stated that the current invention is linked particularly (but not exclusively) to a four-wheel vehicle. However, the sketch seems to have quite similarity to their 2011 Micro Commuter concept model. It is an electric vehicle that was produced in just few numbers and was used for small field trials and auto shows only. Does this mean they’re on their way to make their own electric car contender?

Honda claims that the Bubble City EV is designed to be simple and lightweight, yet mechanically strong with a minimum number of component parts.

It’s safe to say that aside from saving money, reduced noise pollution and low car maintenance, the main goal of filing this patent is to reduce the carbon emission in the environment. With that, we have nothing to lose.

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