hyundai new air conditioning system

Hyundai Motors has created three new air-conditioning systems that now help keep air inside a vehicle’s cabin clean. These new systems now come with After-blow, Multi-Air Mode, and a Fine Dust Indicator. These technologies are all designed to make sure that the air inside the vehicle is clean and to enhance the performance of the air conditioning unit.

hyundai after blow

This feature is activated right after the vehicle has been turned off. For the next 10mins after the initial shutdown of the vehicle the air conditioning system will run and will dry the evaporator as well as any condensate in the air passages of the vehicle. It utilizes an intelligent battery sensor to monitor the energy levels in order to avoid draining the battery.

hyundai fine dust indicator

What this technology does for Hyundai’s new air conditioning system is that it measures the air inside the vehicle in real-time and delivers that information to the driver so that adjustments can be made. This means that the driver will be able to know what quality of air is currently circulating around the cabin of the vehicle. The system is so precise that it can detect particles of up to 2.5 parts per million or PM2.5. 

This information is then displayed in the cabin in numbers and in a particular color depending on air quality. Blue for 0 to 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air, Green for 16 to 5 micrograms per cubic meter of air, Orange for 36 to 75 micrograms per cubic meter of air, and finally Red for 76 micrograms or higher. At the orange range, the air conditioning system will initiate its cleaning mode and purify the air. It will then set the air volume between 3 to 8 and set air recirculation on in order to facilitate the cleaning function and to reduce humidity. If the system cannot improve the air quality inside the cabin, this means that a filter has been clogged and that the driver must replace it and clean out the seat covers and mats.

hyundai multi-air holes

This feature deals with how the air conditioning system can enhance the cooling or heating of the cabin by using multiple vents found in the vehicle. The system works by dispersing the airflow in such a way that it will increase or decrease the temperature without the driver or passengers feeling the harshness of the wind coming out of the blower.

Expect to see the new air conditioning system turn up in future Hyundai vehicles as well as in future Kia vehicles as both companies will soon adopt the new technology. In a world that is fighting off an unseen and very small enemy, the additions of newer and cleaner air conditioning system could be a step in the right direction

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