Hyundai debuts MyHyundai, a carmaker-specific Android Auto app

Hyundai debuted another technological milestone at Google I/O 2016. Called the MyHyundai app, it’s one of first carmaker-specific Android Auto apps. The Korean marque’s upcoming cars are set to have this breakthrough as standard software.

The convenience of Android Auto was initially scarce and available only as an aftermarket application for Hyundai vehicles. However, with quick technological advancements, it became a staple software, which started with the 2015 Hyundai Sonata that has been released in the US. And now, here’s another step forward which should be watched out for.

The MyHyundai app integrates 4 convenient brand specific car functions into the Android Auto app. These are the Hyundai Roadside Assistance, which is quite handy during road mishap; Monthly Vehicle Report for regular car diagnostics; Maintenance Alerts that gives reminders for service issues like oil change; and the Valet Mode that alerts the owner if the vehicle is going out the predetermined boundary.

Currently, you will need to close Android Auto in order to switch to another app to access these functionalities. However, you won’t need to that anymore with MyHyundai app. This adds convenience to the future owners and increases longevity of the vehicle. It also lessens the distraction to the driver as it will take less movements to access the functions.

The interface may change prior to its release later this year in the US, so we can expect more features once it hits production. Locally, vehicle owners may need to wait until it’s available and by then, they will just need to update their software in order to use this new app from Hyundai.

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