Hyundai Armor program

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc, (HARI) the official Philippine distributor of Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles in the country has launched its 6-step Hyundai ARMOR ( Active Response, Management, Operations, and Resumption) after-sales services.

The new program strictly adheres to the recently-issued guidelines for protection and safety that the brand has released. The guidelines tackle what dealerships should be doing in regards to health and safety once they have reopened. Hyundai ARMOR covers several programs that are designed to give customers a worry-free vehicle ownership experience through a full suite of competent, safe, and proactive programs, that come with enhanced online resources that emphasize and maximize contactless transactions.

The 6-step ARMOR system focuses on minimizing if not fully eliminating face-to-face transactions and adhering to globally-prescribed health and safety guidelines, social distancing, crowd regulation, use of protective gear, and thorough regular sanitation of dealership facilities with an emphasis on service reception, service bays, equipment, and serviced vehicles. The ARMOR program focuses on the following:

1. Online and Remove Service Appointment and Consultation. This can be done with the Korean brand’s technical experts via its CARES 24/7 contact center, its website, or through the brand’s official Facebook page.

2. Customer Arrival at a dealership. This includes a contactless reception, temperature scanning, sanitation prior to entry, and anti-bacterial misting of incoming vehicles as well as drop-off of vehicles.

3. Receiving and advising. This will be done through digital devices for contactless walkarounds, explanation of costs, and scope of work. It will also include authorization of job orders for vehicles that need to be serviced.

4. Vehicle servicing. The use of two-way radios shall be done in the service area, the radios will help maintain zero contact between job control, parts, workshop and washing all to ensure a timely service and the release of the customer’s vehicle. Vehicles will also be thoroughly sanitized before they are handed over back to the customer.

5. Vehicle handover. Dealerships under the South Korean brand will practice contactless payment and delivery procedures.

6. Post-service follow-ups. The brand will also do follow-ups with its customers to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience.

Other programs under ARMOR will also include the following:

  • Hyundai CARLINISAN vehicle ‘deep-cleaning’ and organic anti-bacterial disinfection/fumigation packages can be availed by customers for added peace of mind once they hit the road again.

  • Hyundai D2D: Dealer-to-your-Door Program that deploys service mobiles to transport dealership teams for door-to-door home service. The D2D program will, however, only cover select minor repairs as well as deal in pickup and delivery service.

  • Special PMS promo for service discounts and freebies

Hyundai ARMOR shows how our After Sales team takes to heart the health and well-being of customers and dealership personnel. This is how we want to welcome everyone back: armed with a foolproof and sustainable means to protect you and your vehicles so that we all have better journeys and face better days ahead.

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