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Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), marks another milestone with the opening of Hyundai Trucks and Busses Commonwealth. The dealership specializes in selling commercial vehicles from the Korean manufacturer. With a full lineup of commercial vehicles and world class facilities to cater to freight, payload, and mass mobility, HARI is ready to meet the needs of clients from business enterprises, government, and institutional customers. 

It is only fitting that we open our first CV Metro Manila dealership here in Quezon City, along this bustling growth corridor at the heart of the National Capital Region. This state-of-the-art facility will not only showcase Hyundai trucks and buses known worldwide for their safety, quality performance, and durability but also the unrivalled Sales, After- Sales Service and technical expertise of its highly trained and certified dealer personnel.

Hyundai Motor Company’s Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) is the standard design format that Hyundai global is pioneering in all its dealerships. The design is set and made to complement the brand’s best-selling models. 

The H350 and County are both Hyundai’s offering in the minibus body style. These two models are meant to serve the purpose of shuttling passengers across sizeable distances such as in tourist operations or shuttle services. On the freight side of the lineup, light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks such as the Hyundai HD truck series, and the Xcient GT series will be sold to consumers who require capable haulers. 

Hyundai Awards
(The opening of HTB-Commonwealth) ushers in, not just another chapter of the Hyundai story, but also underscores our strong support for the government’s “Build, Build, Build” (BBB) program and private infrastructure projects. As a global brand with strong local roots, we understand the unique needs of our customers and we are proud to be a Lifetime Partner of the Filipino,

Recently HARI achieved another milestone when Hyundai Motor Company recognized it as the 2018 Regional Distributor of the Year in the Asia-Pacific, Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), besting 25 distributors in the region. 

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