HDCP Graduates

Hyundai Dream Centre-Philippines (HDCP) held its second graduation ceremony for automotive technology scholars at the Hyundai Logistics Center in Calamba, Laguna.

HDCP is an automotive training and education hub established by Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) in partnership with Hyundai Motor Company. The Dream Centre is focused on providing marginalized Filipino youths with comprehensive training on Hyundai vehicle repair and maintenance.

HDCP is a collaboration with local vocational schools in Ghana, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. This is the first time Hyundai has partnered with a distributor to design and implement the training courses of a Dream Centre. HARI and Plan International cooperated to implement a training program made up of three courses adapted to the scholars' diverse educational backgrounds. This makes the Dream Centre's programs more.

Bennydick James Caliao, who graduated top of his class for courses 1 and 2, had this to say for his time in the program: "Because of Hyundai, I was able to distinguish what path I should take. They taught me how to be technically and mentally prepared for the automotive industry." 

Caliao currently works for Hyundai North EDSA. He plans to continue developing his skills in the industry and to share his knowledge with others.

This is HDCP's second batch of graduates consisting of 43 young men and women who have received their graduation certificates after receiving a world-class education in automotive tech and servicing. HDCP has already seen 88 scholars graduate from batch 1. Almost 80 of these graduates have been deployed to HARI dealerships to being their careers as technicians and service professionals

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