2020 Hyundai Kona exterior front Philippines

Hyundai Philippines achieves strong recovery despite the amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Last July 2020, the brand sold 5,100 units, translating to a hefty 38% increase from its previous sales record of 3,697 units last June 2020.

Demand for passenger cars and subcompact SUVs started to pick-up, as buyers started considering vehicles that are both safe yet affordable. This was actually brought up by the established safety protocols during the pandemic, which urged people to avoid public transport. Small utility trucks and vans also had a significant jump in sales, which further stretched the importance of transport and logistics.

Moreover, the passenger car category also had its rise, from 1,199 last June 2020, the respective category jumped to 1,764, translating to a significant 47% growth. Sales of light commercial vehicles, on the other hand, recorded a total of 3,317 units sold last month. This shows a 35% increase from the 2,462 units sold last June 2020. Lastly, commercial vehicles saw a decrease in sales, numerically speaking, it dropped 47% which only equates to 19 units. Its overall summary, Hyundai Philippines’ sales reached 24,607 units, which is actually a 51% decrease over the same period last year.

The entire industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation to meet the evolving needs of consumers, employing innovative and disruptive selling tactics to win back customers, and the agility to adapt to a more complex and unpredictable business environment.

The automotive industry has been struggling due to the constraints caused by the ongoing situation. Despite that, Ms. Agudo remains positive and resilient, as Hyundai Philippines is prepared to adapt and respond to the so-called ‘new normal’, as well to properly serve the needs and safety of its customers. This should allow the brand to see and constantly achieve brighter days ahead.

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