Hyundai Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance

As part of Holy Week, Filipino families set out on a vacation to spend time together. It’s also a great way of breathing from the hassles of the city life, which is why some people take advantage of it and go on a full-blown summer vacation, either with their family or friends.

Whether you plan on driving north or south, Hyundai Philippines is putting up its Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance (SMRA) to cater to the needs of those who will set out on the road this Lenten Season aboard their Hyundai vehicle. Not only that, the South Korean automaker was generous to share some tips to make the best out of this year’s Holy Week road trip.

So, if the family’s heading out, take these pieces of advice from Hyundai in mind.

Save the pictures you’ll be taking for later after you reach the metro. Hyundai Philippines know that the urge of posting your vacation online is an irresistible call. However, if you want to fully enjoy the trip, turn off your mobile data and immerse in real-life conversation with your companions. Social media sites drain our energy by dictating how we should feel, especially when seeing things that stress us. Breathe for a moment and take a moment off the grid – it wouldn’t hurt to stay offline for a day or two.

This is one of the most important things to consider when going for a road trip—studying the route, planning stopovers, and packing in the right amount of stuff. Don’t rely on Waze the day of your trip as adjustments may happen due to some turn of events. What if the GPS signal isn’t that strong? Stay a step ahead of inconveniences by studying one or two routes that you may take to get to your destination.

You could still rely on Waze the day of your travel but, at least, you’re familiar with the turns you’ll be making in case the signal fluctuates. Also, don’t forget the essentials, such as extra clothes, tons of water, healthy snacks, and travel necessities. You may never know, especially when you’re traveling with kids.

Lastly, should you encounter minor to major concerns involving your Hyundai car during your trip, you are welcome to drop by at any Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance stations from April 17 to 21. There are 38 SMRA stations all-in-all, and each one offers FREE 23-point check-up.

Refer to the image below to locate a Hyundai SMRA station along your way:

Hyundai SMRA Stations this 2019 Lenten Season

*38 Summer Motorist Roadside Assistance stations

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