2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz

The Hyundai Santa Cruz, which is effectively the pickup truck version of the all-new Hyundai Tucson, has been spotted doing road testing in its home country of South Korea. The new unibody chassis pickup has been spotted in heavy camouflage, however, some details have made it through. The taillights of the vehicle can be seen and closely resembles that of a hammer. Aside from that only part of the headlights can be seen indicating that its main LED units will be located towards the middle of the bumper instead of the top.

It is important to note that the Santa Cruz pickup truck has an internal codename of NX4 which is the same as the upcoming all-new Tucson as well. This indicates that the pickup will be sharing the same chassis as its crossover cousin. The Santa Cruz is rumored to come with a smaller body than a traditional pickup truck and thus could be classified as a lifestyle vehicle or as an urban pickup truck.

As such, the Santa Cruz will be released as a compact, leisurely vehicle for drivers who want to mainly carry mountain bikes, kayaks, and camping equipment rather than conventional utilitarian cargo.

The exact dimensions of the Santa Cruz are yet to be known, which includes its payload capacity as well as its bed measurements. Its towing capabilities also have yet to be determined. Being marketed as a lifestyle vehicle, we still expect it to be able to pull roughly the same amount as the Santa Fe. In terms of power, the Santa Cruz is rumored to have a 2.5-liter engine along with a hybrid option. The exact power figures for each power plant have yet to be determined and confirmed. With the addition of this new vehicle which is rumored to be launching in the last quarter of 2020, it could make for an interesting vehicle for the South Korean brand.

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