Hyundai Mobility Adventure

The world is changing, and no age group realizes this more than Generation Z. Born in 1996 onward, members of Gen Z are tech-savvy and progressive. They use technology for learning, entertainment, communication, and everything in between.

Due to their technological know-how, it's no surprise why Gen Z-ers are increasingly getting more say in household buying decisions. This could be why brands like Hyundai are turning their attention to this particular cohort. The South Korean automaker knows how important it is to market itself to the next generation of car buyers.

The launch of Hyundai Mobility Adventure is an exciting first step in the brand's future. What exactly is it? Well, it's a metaverse space inside the massively popular Roblox gaming platform. A metaverse is commonly described as a shared 3D virtual world wherein users can come together and engage in various activities.

Hyundai says that its latest initiative is the first virtual experience on Roblox developed by a global car brand. The aim is to showcase life in the future with, of course, Hyundai vehicles.

Hyundai Mobility Adventure 2

There are five main theme parks inside the Hyundai Mobility Adventure metaverse space, each with its own distinct flavor. 

The Festival Square serves as a base camp for players. This is where they'll first appear and meet new people, as well as attend festivals and celebrations. At Future Mobility City, players can witness a futuristic urban sprawl highlighting Hyundai's latest mobility efforts, including its hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

Hyundai Mobility Adventure 3

The Eco-forest puts the Hyundai IONIQ at the forefront. It features a fun space that blends slow and quiet living with fairy tale experiences. Meanwhile, the Racing Park lets users experience the best of Hyundai's N Line of performance cars. These include N-versions of the Elantra, Kona, Veloster, and more.

Lastly, the Smart Tech Campus allows players to feel what it's like to be a bonafide Hyundai designer or engineer. 

Players are free to traverse these five parks and have hours upon hours of fun exploring with friends and discovering new activities. The metaverse space is currently in the open beta phase. Right now, only Festival Square and Future Mobility City are available to players. The Eco-forest will follow in October, and the remaining parks will open before the year ends.

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