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A leading independent manufacturer of brake pads in Europe has chosen AutoPerformance PH to be its chosen distributor in the Philippines. ICER brakes already has a long and storied history as a brake pad manufacturer. It wishes to enter the Philippine market in order to give Filipinos other options for a dependable and affordable braking solution for their vehicles and to also aid with their car maintenance needs.

With Filipino motorists more informed than ever, being the most affordable product on the market isn’t enough, a product should also bring with it quality especially when it comes to safety such as brake pads. In addressing those needs, AutoPerformance will be bringing in ICER brakes and will be slotting and positioning it under its flagship brand Brembo in terms of price.

icer brake pads

ICER brakes aren’t new to the brake pad manufacturing industry as the brand was established in 1961 in Spain. Since then, the brake pad manufacturer has grown into what it is today even boasting the main factory, R&D center, and multiple warehouses in its home country of Spain. The company even puts up impressive numbers annually with an estimated 22 million brake pads sold every year. This goes to show the brand offers its customers an unbeatable value-for-money proposition.

At the heart of any good product is years of research and development. ICER’s focus on research and development means that the brand can release new products that can easily fit about 90% of the models offered in the Asian markets. This also includes the latest offerings from Chinese brands in the region, as well as other European, American, and Japanese offerings as well. 

AutoPerformance will be distributing ICER pads all over the country and says that it will be available in automotive repair shops nationwide as well as via ICER’s own Lazada store. This will not only make the brake pads easier to get but will also let them reach a wider range of customers.

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