Isuzu Ph boasts fuel efficiency of 2016 D-MAX and mu-X

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), the exclusive local distributor of Isuzu vehicles recently went on a voyage across Luzon. The purpose is to put their 2016 D-MAX and mu-X VGS models to the ultimate test of fuel efficiency.

The run had 2 teams comprising of a driver, navigator, and an IPC crew. 1 team was assigned onboard the Isuzu D-MAX 4x2 LS 3.0L VGS while the other in the Isuzu mu-X 4x2 LS-A 3.0L VGS. They were tasked to spend the next 5 days driving as many kilometers as they can in just 1 full tank of fuel.

Witnessed by IPC Marketing Head Joseph Bautista, IPC Product Planning Head Robert Carlos, and SMART Driving Corporation representative Michael Mercado, the event saw green light at Petron’s NLEX Marilao fueling station. From there, the teams headed north and ended the 1st day at Bangui, Ilocos Norte. Upon checking the trip meters, the D-MAX team reached 534.8 km while the mu-X team ran a total of 526.5 km.

They carried on and capped off the 2nd day at Solano, Nueva Viscaya. By that time, team D-MAX had already accumulated 1,022 km while team mu-X showed 1,009 km.

EDSA presented the squads with a challenge as they made their way down to Candelaria, Quezon on the 3rd day/. As they reached the destination, the D-MAX stopped the clock with a 1,453.6 km of total distance travelled. The mu-X, on the other hand, managed to collect 1,454.8 km.

The 4th day had the teams negotiating a shorter route from Lucena to Legazpi, Albay. But the trip was not without its share of challenges as they were faced with a number of uphill and downhill drives along the way.

The D-MAX had already travelled over 1,800 km, while team mu-X’s journey stopped at Tagkawayan, Quezon due to an empty fuel tank at the end of the day. The mu-X however, has travelled a total of 1,605 km (or an average of 24.69 km/L) before stopping.

The 5th and final day saw the teams heading further down south to Juban, Sorsogon before going back to Manila. Team D-MAX then ran out of fuel at Gumaca in Quezon. According to the trip meter, the vehicle stopped at 2,254.5 km of total distance travelled (or a fuel efficiency rating of 29.66 km/L).

This result is unbelievable especially for the Isuzu D-MAX 3.0L VGS. This has been the farthest distance we ever drove in one full tank. The mu-X in its automatic transmission also gave an excellent performance,” expressed IPC President Hajime Koso.

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