Isuzu JZGMSAT MOA signing philippines

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) and the Jacobo Z, Gonzales memorial school of Arts and Trade (JZGMSAT) signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) at the JZGMSAT office in Binan, Laguna last September 3.

This was the second MOA between the two. The first was on July 3, 2017, where IPC donated three mock-up/cutaway engines and implemented its diesel engine technology program. This program was for the students of the school for their Automotive Servicing course.

In the most recent MOA signing between the two, IPC turned over two AutomotiveLifters and another mock-up Isuzu engine, as well as five computers. The addition of the lifters is there to help the students accomplish there NC3 Automotive Servicing accreditation. After the signing of the MOA, trainees from the JZGMSAT school performed a demonstration of their skills.

Without a porgressive society, no business will grow. IPC’s goal, then, is to help create a knowledge-sharing culture in the Philippines. That is why we invest on knowledge. Knowledge inspires innovation. Innovation, on the other hand, is the key to a progressive, healthy, economy

IPC first trained 12 CALABARZON-TESDA automotive trainers on diesel engine technology at the IPC plant in June of 2017. It was in preparation for the first MOA between Isuzu and JZGMSAT. The training program covers topics that involve the engine such as direct and indirect fuel injection, valve trains, and more.

Under the new MOA, IPC will also add the PUV Modernized Jeepney Model Product Review to the training program scheduled for 2020. The training program also includes topics on the main features and specifications of the modernized Isuzu PUVs and familiarization of the vehicle’s drivetrain and chassis components. Through the September 3, 2019 MOA it will also provide an opportunity for qualified JZGMSAT students to be possibly employed in Isuzu dealerships that need technicians.

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