Isuzu Dealership Calapan Oriental Mindoro

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) continues to expand its operations in the country by adding yet another dealership to its network in the country. The dealership is located in Luzon, specifically in Calapan in the Oriental Mindoro region on Km. 9 Nautical Highway, Putting Tubig. 

This showroom is notable for being the first establishment to use Isuzu’s new design concept. The newest Isuzu dealership is also ready to serve local Mindoreños, with a showroom that can house two trucks and four passenger vehicles. The service bay can accommodate heavy-duty trucks and offers genuine Isuzu parts. The company is committed to satisfying customers with stellar service and competitive pricing. 

Calapan is a center of trade and commerce in the region of Oriental Mindoro. Isuzu Philippines has strategically situated its new dealership and guarantees to cater to the growing business of the province. 

Daniel Uy, the president o Mina de Oro Motors Incorporated, mentioned that the opening of Isuzu Calapan signaled a large demand in the businesses to the south, especially in the fleet and commerce industry. “We are happy to further boost the Isuzu brand and provide easier access for the residents who wants to use dependable and economical vehicles, both for personal and business use,” said Mr. Uy. 

Isuzu Capalan Dealership

IPC President Hajime Koso also added, “We at Isuzu Philippines are very happy to establish our presence here in Calapan City, in response to the growing transportation requirements of Mindoro most especially for trucks and LCVs.”

The dealership was opened a few days after IPC launched the new Isuzu Traviz, the brand’s newest workhorse that can cater to many small-to-medium enterprises. 

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