Astara grows in the Philippines, becoming the only company to sell JAC vehicles.

Astara just recently landed the JACpot, becoming the exclusive distributor of JAC vehicles in the Philippines. Yes, they are now the company that exclusively distributes JAC cars, pick-ups, and their parts, and this is the first time Astara and JAC have worked together to bring different types of SUVs and pick-up trucks to the Philippines and meet what people and businesses need. Don't worry; they are also planning to provide electric cars and hybrids in the future!

Since starting its operations in the Philippines in 2021, Astara has successfully sold three other well-known car brands. Now, with JAC, Astara plans to build a strong network of dealers, introduce electric models, and work on improving JAC's brand name. 

Jorge Navea, CEO of Astara, expressed his enthusiasm for adding JAC to the list of cars they sell around the world. For him, JAC's focus on making quality cars and focus on electric vehicles fits well with what Astara wants for the future. David Zhang, Vice President of JAC Motors, also mentioned the importance of the Philippines to JAC, which hints they want to keep working with Astara to give Filipino customers good cars and service.

JAC Motors is an established automobile company that produces a wide range of vehicles and focuses on innovative technologies, including electric vehicles. Recognized as a leading technology company in China, JAC is among the top brands in the Chinese vehicle market.

As Astara becomes the exclusive distributor of JAC vehicles in the Philippines, it's great news for all of us who love cars. We're excited to see what kinds of cars they'll bring with this new deal. Astara just landed a JACpot, and now it's your turn! If you've had your eye on a JAC vehicle, now's the time to act. Get a quote for the JAC car you've been wanting as soon as possible.

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