Jaecoo 7

Before it debuts in the world market, the Jaecoo 7 is currently undergoing an extensive road testing phase to ensure its dependability and endurance.

In a recent significant milestone, the compact SUV has been tested to its limits. This involved a challenging journey that commenced in Wuhu, China, and spanned across Turpan and Dunhuang, situated at the periphery of the Gobi Desert. The journey continued to Golmud in the Tibetan plateau, subjecting the vehicle to a rigorous examination of its capabilities and performance.

The Jaecoo 7’s grueling journey started in Wuhu on the eastern shores of China, the Jaecoo 7 underwent testing that traversed through Turpan in Central China, then to Dunhuang, and finally extended to Golmud in the Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province. Within Turpan's challenging landscape, the Jaecoo 7 encountered surface temperatures surpassing 75 degrees Celsius. 

In the arid landscape, teams of engineers diligently addressed a spectrum of systems, encompassing assessments for brake heat fade, engine initiation and operation within scorching and dusty conditions, and an exhaustive evaluation of the air conditioning system's capabilities. Surviving dust and heat is a big achievement for a car as the engine, cooling system, and climate-control systems rely on a continuous intake of air to work.

Jaecoo 7 Inline

Throughout its journey, the Jaecoo 7 upheld a neat and well-kept interior, demonstrating effective dust resistance and sealing capabilities. Remarkably, the climate control system efficiently cooled the cabin from 80 degrees Celsius to a comfortable level within a mere 10 minutes.

Employing its advanced Ardis all-road intelligent off-road system, Jaecoo says the Jaecoo 7 conquered the diverse terrain challenges encountered during the drive. The vehicle's use of a Qualcomm 8155 chip, equipped with a 540-degree transparent chassis environment recognition system, enabled real-time adjustments and the provision of exceptional off-road performance.

Having successfully navigated the challenges of the desert, the Jaecoo 7 embarks on the next phase of its 16,000-kilometer durability assessment, in Golmud situated in the Tibetan plateau. At an elevation of 5,200 meters above sea level, this high altitude and sparse atmosphere will see the powertrain's capabilities. The Jaecoo 7 will face the challenges of less dense air and colder temperatures, after testing has concluded will we know if the SUV will come out on top.

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