OMODA & JAECOO outline their 2030 strategy to expand sales to 1.5 million units.

OMODA & JAECOO recently announced their enterprising global strategy for 2030, targeting the global market for seniors. Their goal is to achieve a 10% market share in each segment they enter and to sell 1.5 million vehicles in the next six years. The plan was revealed at a press event at their headquarters in Wuhu, China, where they mentioned their responsibility to the global market, particularly to the growing senior demographic.

So far, the companies have seen rapid growth, with total sales exceeding 160,000 vehicles globally, which makes them one of the fastest-growing car brands. The companies started using Spain as a base in 2024 to push into other European markets including Italy, Poland, and the UK.


Over the next two to three years, they plan to update their car lineup, introducing new models like the OMODA 7 and OMODA 3, as well as the JAECOO 8 and JAECOO 5. The companies will also expand their range of renewable energy vehicles to cover all market segments.

Additionally, OMODAJAECOO are extending their brand to include more than just cars, where they are creating an "Ultra Futuristic Tech LIFE" ecosystem that uses both technology and fashion in everyday living. The mentioned plan widens the standard view of car ownership into a more integrated lifestyle choice that includes tech products for modern living and outdoor activities.

To support their ambitious goals, OMODA & JAECOO plan to seriously expand their global dealership network, aiming for more than 3,000 standardized sales channels worldwide, which is important in making their innovative products accessible to more people around the world.


It looks like the race is on for these brands! To see what OMODA and JAECOO have to offer right now, visit AutoDeal. You can even get a price quote for your favorite model there.

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