OMODA set to release new OMODA 7 SUV worldwide

Just one year after the debut of its first globally marketed model, the OMODA 5, OMODA is back with another exciting release—the OMODA 7, which aims to go beyond the limits with upgraded designs and more innovative technology. 

OMODA is on track to launch its newest model, the OMODA 7, on April 28, following up on the success of its first global model, the OMODA 5. The upcoming OMODA 7 includes lots of updates in both style and technology, setting the atmosphere for its introduction to the worldwide market.

Teaser images released by OMODA reveal that the OMODA 7 will have a fresh design with a sharp front, a smoothly contoured side profile, and tail lights that put emphasis on its updated technology and design features. The new model is also larger in size compared to the OMODA 5, which means more space and possibly better performance. The SUV looks like it will offer a higher level of driving experience with its upgraded technology and appearance.

Known for their futuristic design and the latest technology, OMODA's SUVs have gained popularity, especially among younger consumers. The company's usage of new energy technology and safety features has made its vehicles competitive in the market. For instance, the OMODA E5, an all-electric variant, saw quite a growth in sales and popularity among global consumers interested in eco-friendly vehicles.

Additionally, OMODA plans to participate in the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition at the end of April, where it will showcase the OMODA E5 alongside the debut of the OMODA 7. The event will also be the introduction of OMODA's new brand ecosystem and a global public welfare initiative. So, they're really not planning to stop anytime soon! If you are interested in finding futuristic cars like OMODA, you may visit AutoDeal to take a look at a range of cars and get a quote for the car you want. 

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