The latest Kia Picanto hits the UK market with a fresh lineup and competitive pricing.

Meet the 2024 Picanto, the little car with a big upgrade and an even bigger value proposition!

Kia recently launched the 2024 Picanto in the UK, setting a starting price of £15,595 (approximately Php 1,124,611.59). The price tag makes the Picanto one of the more accessible cars in its class, especially when compared to larger models like the Rio, which starts at a higher price point in the US. The Picanto offers a simpler choice of models and engines, with the goal of tempting buyers who are looking to buy good value and quality cars.

The current model also competes with other small cars like the Citroen AMI and Hyundai i10. The Picanto comes in several versions: the basic Picanto 2, the sportier Picanto GT-Line, the upgraded Picanto 3, and the top-end Picanto GT-Line S. The lineup has been simplified, which might help buyers pick a model that fits their needs without too much confusion.


Kia offers two engines for the new Picanto—a three-cylinder, one-liter engine with 62 horsepower and a four-cylinder, 1.2-liter engine with 77 horsepower. Both engines are linked to a five-speed manual transmission as standard, but there's also an option for an automated manual transmission.

Inside the Picanto, there's a modern feel with features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an 8-inch touchscreen for navigation and media. The car also has plenty of USB ports for charging gadgets. Higher models like the GT-Line S come with luxury touches such as automatic air conditioning and a sunroof but at a higher price of £19,145 (approximately Php 1,380,946.49) - which is still a pretty competitive price as compared to its competitors. 


The car is now available for orders, with the first deliveries planned for July, making it one of the few budget-friendly options left in the market. With its range of models and features, Kia hopes to make the Picanto a preferred choice among those looking for an efficient, compact city car. While we wait to hear if it'll be available in the Philippines, you can check out the existing Kia models on AutoDeal and even get a free quote for any car you're interested in.

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