Jaecoo J7

2023 was a big year for the automotive industry. On a global scale, the new car market has shown a steady recovery from the global pandemic and despite the chip shortage, forecasts for new car sales are still in the positives. Here in the Philippines, it’s the same story, new car sales have increased as compared to 2022 with steady growth seen in the passenger and commercial vehicle segments.

For one up-and-coming car brand called Jaecoo though, 2023 was an explosive year. Having officially debuted in the global market in April of that year, Jaecoo has since entered a dozen other markets in a span of eight months demonstrating a remarkable level of growth in the market.

Jaecoo’s primary focus is on the SUV segment with its current lineup consisting of the five-seater Jaecoo J7, and the larger seven-seater Jaecoo J8. According to Jaecoo, the brand emerged in response to a deep understanding of user demands and market trends. They also add that their cars cater to the tastes of the modern elite looking for high-quality off-road SUVs. With that demographic in mind, Jaecoo built their SUVs based on a brand philosophy they call "From Classic, Beyond Classic."

Jaecoo J7

Jaecoo didn’t stop at just making their car’s interior and exterior look good though, they wanted to make sure that their SUVs would work anywhere they went.  The Jaecoo J7 went through an extensive testing process to ensure its durability and dependability before its global debut. This entailed a demanding expedition that began in Wuhu, China, extending through Turpan and Dunhuang on the outskirts of the Gobi Desert. The journey then progressed to Golmud in the Tibetan plateau, subjecting the vehicle to a thorough evaluation of its capabilities and performance. That’s how far Jaecoo went to test its crossover.

Jaecoo J7

Presently, Jaecoo has revealed its upcoming destination in the Philippines. Teaming up with its sister brand Omoda, Jaecoo is set to make its debut at the 2024 Manila International Auto Show. Keep an eye out for the launch of the J7 and J8, as they will be featured on AutoDeal.com.ph come April.

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