Kia Carnival Concept Drawing

The Kia Carnival has just been teased by the brand, through a very familiar means, and that is through a digital rendition of the model. The artwork of the model is now on show for the entire world to see. 

So with a new profile and a design. The Carnival is shaping up to be one exciting minivan. Looking more like a crossover than a minivan now. Taking cues from its other Kia siblings, like the Kia Seltos, you can see a slim set of projector headlamps that presumably have DRLs that flank Kia’s signature Tiger-Nose grille. Instead of just a flat-looking nose, we have a rather long hood. This could mean that the minivan could have even more space in the interior especially with regards to space in the front for the driver and passenger. 

Sliding doors will definitely be back in the model’s design, and it also appears that there will be a floating roofline that will span from the A-pillar all the way to the D-pillar. It gives a very sleek and futuristic look to the minivan, which is unprecedented. If you peep the hood, you can see that Kia has worked in a very chiseled line. You also see a very long character line that stretched from the front headlight to the rear. Kia calls the design “Symphonic Architecture.” We’re not etymologists, but there is a kind of symphony that emanates from the body lines of the concept sketch. 

It seems that Kia has also fitted the minivan with some stylish wheels. Large for now since it is a concept, but very defined and stylish set of wheels, even if it is just in theory. Kia really is changing – or at least trying to change and maybe even breaking the mold when it comes to minivans. 

Admittedly, this is a very remarkable teaser, and a good sign of things to come from the brand. We’ll be sure to watch this with intently. 

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