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Just this Wednesday, the official Twitter account of the LRT2 railways put out a tweet that indicates the possibility of pets being allowed on board the trains at LRT2.

In the tweet, the LRT2 page simply announced “May mga bago tayong pasahero sa LRT-2!” The tweet gained a lot of traction, with the original tweet having 2,429 likes and a total of 179,500 plus views. It’s safe to say that this announcement is a welcome change for commuters riding the railway. 

On January 26, a day after the teaser, LRTA Administrator Hernando Cabrera confirmed the good news during the Laging Handa media briefing, stating that passengers can start bringing their pets like cats and dogs on the railway starting on February 1, 2023. However, he also added that the LRT administration will be enforcing policies similar to what pet-friendly establishments have in place.

“Pets should be fully vaccinated and should be placed in proper cages. They should also wear diapers.”

In 2021, the Metro Rail Transit Line 3, allowed pets on board trains on the condition that they are contained in cages measuring two feet by two feet. Larger pets that cannot be contained in a cage might be prohibited from boarding, especially during peak hours when trains get crowded. The LRTA is uncertain about whether to accommodate pets on leashes because of the possibility of causing operational problems when they are inside the train or station.

Regardless, February 1 is the day when you can start traveling on the LRT2 railway with a furry companion, are you excited?

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