LTFRB reminds PUVs to give way to active transport

The pandemic has brought about a boom in personal transport due to the limited capacities of public transportation and the risk attached to them. That being said, with the rise of cycling and the implementation of bike lanes across Metro Manila, the Land Transportation and Regulatory (LTFRB) has released a new memorandum circular in order to protect these vulnerable means of transport. 

Under the new memo, Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) drivers will now have to give way to active transport (AT), light motor vehicles (LMV), and personal mobility device (PMD) users on the road. Aside from this, the government agency has also added six more rules that these drivers have to follow in order to ensure safety for all road users.

The first of six new rules as mentioned above is to give way and signal early around these vulnerable means of transportation. The second rule is that PUV drivers should not block any bike lanes or pedestrian paths as these must be clear at all times. The third rule is that PUVs must be at least one meter away when overtaking these kinds of vehicles or devices.

As for the other three rules, these are more concerned about how to ensure that no accidents occur when a PUV is loading and unloading passengers. PUV drivers need to make sure that they open their doors with care to avoid instances of other road users potentially being hit. The drivers are also encouraged to check their blind spots at all times to avoid accidents with other road users. Lastly, PUVs do not block designated bike boxes on the road or in stopping zones that are made for cyclists.

Those who are caught breaking any of these new rules under the new memo can expect to pay at least a P1,000 and any other violations that fall under JAO No. 2014 from the LTO-LTFRB.

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