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Commuters and motorists that are affected by the strike will be given alternative means of transport by the MMDA and LGUs in the coming weeks. Due to the shortage of PUVs brought on by a transport strike, the agencies and units involved will be fielding their fleet of vehicles to help commuters find their way around the metro in the next few days. 

With an ongoing transport strike, and a subsequent reduction in the number of PUVs on the road today, the MMDA responded yesterday by suspending the number coding scheme with no confirmation about prolonging the extension further. The possibility of extending the UVVRP suspension has been entertained, however, the agencies involved will monitor the situation first to see if further suspension is necessary. 

Number Coding Suspension March 6, 2023

An advisory was put out, prompting the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program’s (UVVRP) suspension for today only, March 6, 2023. In addition to that, the MMDA along with local government units will be fielding its fleet of utility vehicles once again for commuters to be able to make it to their destinations during the working days of this week. 

The MMDA will also deploy up to 2,000 personnel to help monitor and facilitate the activities on the ground. The agency will be in touch with the situation, giving feedback and reporting on areas where there are commuters in need of transportation. 

As for the duration of the transport strike, it’s set to last until Sunday, March 12, 2023. The MMDA will gauge whether additional measures such as a further suspension of the number coding scheme will be necessary in order to give motorists the means to travel while the strike is ongoing. 

The strike was brought about by the LTFRB’s June 30, 2023 deadline to shift to modern PUVs. Transport groups organized the strike, and the LTFRB responded by extending the deadline to December 31, 2023. Even after the fact, the strike will continue. Commuters should take alternative means of transport until Sunday, March 12, 2023, or hop on board the MMDA’s or the LGU’s vehicles to get around the Metro in the next few days. 

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