Toyota Supra

When the Toyota Supra was first revealed to the public it was confirmed to be only available with an automatic transmission. While this news disappointed enthusiasts, the Japanese automaker assured the public that it was done to give the sports car a better feel and balance to its handling. It was also partly due to the engine’s high amount of torque which could prove to be difficult to handle for a manual transmission as it pushes out around 500 Nm of it.

Despite the confirmation that the Supra would not be available with a manual transmission, it looks Toyota may have changed its mind at least according to a report from a source within the automaker’s dealership network from the US.

While nothing has officially been confirmed just yet, it seems Toyota is developing a Supra with a manual transmission. The report claims that the new model with the new gearbox could arrive in the market as early as the 2023 model year for the US market. It is also unknown if Toyota has had to change anything with the engine options of the Supra to accommodate a do-it-yourself gearbox. On a bit of a side note, the technology for a manual transmission with the Japanese sports car’s layout already exists with its twin the BMW Z4 in its sDrive20i variant. However, this is only for select markets. 

With this technology in hand making a manual Supra could be possible but it’s all down to Toyota to decide. The possibilities are still there as the automaker could make it into a reality especially if it plans to bring it an even sportier version of it in its GRMN trim level. For now, we will have to wait and see what the Japanese automaker will do. The Toyota Supra is already good as it is and may not need the manual gearbox.

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