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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt. It has forced the local government to put the country into quarantine hindering the operations of the Philippine automotive industry. With the quarantine set into place, this has forced brands to temporarily close their dealerships in the interest of protecting the health and safety of the public. While the temporary shutdown of the local automotive industry seems grim, there is a glimmer of hope in this situation as the Philippine government has announced the transition of certain areas from Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to the General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Areas that have been placed into GCQ will have dealerships reopening and returning to the “new normal.”

Maxus Philippines, one of the brands under AC Motors, is ready to take on the “new normal” as it has released a set of guidelines that it will be implementing in its dealerships. 

By the time we are permitted to operate and our customers allowed to visit our dealerships once again, we will implement certain guidelines, procedures, and systems in order to ensure our readiness and guarantee the safety of our employees, business partners, and customers

The brand states that once they have reopened customers that wish to go to its showrooms will still be greeted with the same caring professionalism, expertise, and courtesy as before. However, there will be added measures to ensure their health and personal protection.

Customers (scheduled and walk-ins) will be required to wear facemasks. If they forget to bring one, the dealer will provide, and must be worn all the time the customer is in the dealership. As such these will be the extra steps taken.

  • Customers will be screened for body temperature. If the reading exceeds 37 degrees C, the customer shall be refused entry.

  • Customers are urged to maintain physical distancing of at least one meter (3.3 feet) from other customers and staff when within the premises.

  • Customers/guests will be encouraged to use hand sanitizers, which will be made accessible in strategic locations.

  • After-sales services are by appointment only. Customers are advised to call their Maxus dealers first.  

Maxus dealership

Every Maxus Philippines dealership will also ensure that its operations’ staff, sales, service, and delivery crew will also be following the safety protocols as enumerated in its Dealership Operations Safety Measures:

  • Facilities such as the customer lounge, comfort rooms, and door handles will be regularly disinfected.

  • Application of protective material to vehicles’ seats, steering wheel covers, shift knob, floor mat, and bumper covers throughout the time the vehicle is being serviced.

  • Use of disposable gloves and proper protective gear by the service team throughout the entire service process, from receiving to releasing. Car keys will be sanitized before turnover to the customer.

  • Proper disposal of any used parts left in the car.

  • At the billing/invoicing, staff will wear masks and gloves and maintain proper physical distancing. Only sanitized pens will be offered to customers for their signatures, and payment cards shall be disinfected before and after transactions. Change for money payments shall be disinfected prior to handing out to customers.

  • For proper physical distancing among staff, only 50% of the service workforce will report on-site, while the rest will remain on a work-from-home or stay-at-home status.

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