2020 Mazda Hatchback

Mazda Philippines wants to rebrand the image of the Mazda3 into something more sportier and premium. Gone is the Mazda3 hatchback term, and in, is the Mazda3 Sportback. Mazda Philippines has even opened a microsite to help promote the official release of the Mazda3. 


The term Sportback is all down to marketing to emphasize that the vehicle is a coupe but with a roof-mounted trunk or liftgate. In the case of the Mazda3, however, it's a four-door sedan with a hatch. This term was originally coined by Audi, Mitsubishi, and other luxury brands as a way to market their vehicles to distinguish it from the rest of the market without being too generic. They used this term to highlight the sportiness and performance of their vehicles.

Mazda3 hatchback

The new Mazda3 is technically a hatchback as its roofline dips immediate past the rear passenger doors. This creates a short overhang that ends abruptly at the rear bumper. It does have the signs that it is a hatchback as the Mazda3 it only has A, B, and C pillars. This further distinguishing it away from the definition of a wagon as a wagon usually has a D pillar that ends in a hatch. It also has two pairs of windows which fit the description of what a hatchback is as a wagon would have 3 or more windows per side. 

The term Sportback may be unfamiliar but it promotes the idea that the new Mazda3 at least in Sportback form will be something to look forward to despite the new terminology. We will update you once Mazda Philippines releases the pricing and specifications. 

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