Wheelchair-friendly MX-5 soft-top

Mazda will be offering the MX-5 Miata with 'manual driving device' in Japan for drivers who are in wheelchairs.

Accessing this version of MX-5 is simple, Mazda has integrated the roadster with a boarding seat side support. It can be deployed to make sliding to and from the driver's seat comfortably easier. On the passenger seat, there's an available wheelchair cover that doesn't just conceal a foldable wheelchair, but also secures it in place.

Modifications in the cabin include a 'control grip' lever beside the center console. This device controls the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle by pulling it to accelerate, and then pushing it to slow down. Shifting is accessed by setting the "steering shift switch," which in Japan's case, is located on the right side of the steering wheel.

The wheelchair-friendly MX-5 is part of Mazda's commitment to create welfare vehicles for the handicapped people. The package will be available for both the soft-top and the RF variants.

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