New Mini Logo

Say goodbye to the good ol' 3-dimensional Mini emblem as the British marque has introduced a new look for its logo. The new flat black and white design is scheduled to be seen on all models starting March 2018.

Although it looks a lot simpler than the 17-year-old 3D logo, Mini says the new design conveys the authenticity and clarity of its brand identity. The 2-dimensional logo still retains the traditional winged wheel and capitalized brand name. This allows it with universal application on the hood, at the rear, steering wheel, and on the remote control.

It was in 1996 when Mini started using the winged wheel logo with the name 'MINI' on the center. The outgoing 3D logo was introduced in 2000 under the BMW Group and has remained unchanged since then.

The transition of the logo design may also coincide with the emerging market for electric cars. In case you missed it, the new logo was first seen at Frankfurt, when Mini introduced the Mini Electric Concept. This could possibly suggest that the new age for the British marque is marked - the age of electric Mini's. 

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