Lancer Evolution Final Edition

Mitsubishi breaks the gloomy atmosphere around the Lancer Evolution X's extinction with the announcement of a possible successor. But we might have to rub our chins a bit longer as we wait, the manufacturer said it could take up to 6 years before they roll it out. The Japanese automaker announced in 2015 that the production of the Lancer Evo will end in August this year.

According to a report by Australian publication Motoring, Mitsubishi global boss Trevor Mann told the media that the brand is considering for a new performance flagship. He added that it would be interesting for the company to bring something that is sportier in the future, following up that everyone should wait and see.

Meanwhile, Mann clarifies that the new performance concept is not necessarily based on another sedan. Mitsubishi's global boss hinted that the new performance update may possibly arrive as an Evolution SUV. 

Now, this may sound familiar – Mitsubishi enlarging its cars is becoming a habit. Earlier this year, the Japanese marque announced the comeback of its sports car Eclipse, but not in the form we're all expecting it to be. It was named the Eclipse Cross as it was a model bound for the crossover SUV segment. 

Details regarding how improved the power will be under its hood still floats in the void. However, Mann claims the company is currently evaluating every options there is. He even told reporters that Mitsubishi has been discussing a lot about motorsports recently. 

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