Montero Black Series

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport, the midsize SUV that helped bring Mitsubishi’s dynamic shield into the minds of the public. The SUV experienced a radical redesign back when it was first released. It has since risen to prominence as the second best selling midsize SUV in the Philippines. 

Now Mitsubishi is giving its SUV a slight makeover, some eyeshadow if you will, because this special edition has some edge to it in the form of black trim and some lettering. 

Mitsubishi Philippines recently announced on its Facebook page that there will be a Montero Sport Black Series. It’s been a common trope lately, where manufacturers have been taking grilles, wheels, door handles, and badges and painting them black. Such is common with other special editions of common cars today. Black seems to be in, and the white Montero with blacked out trimmings do look stormtrooper-esque. 

The grille is now an all-black affair, no longer sporting the metallic paint from the initial release. Also on the front is a look that adorns most Range Rovers, but is quickly turning into a trend for people who modify their car. The words “Montero Sport” is spelled out on the hood of the SUV. It’s a minor touch that some people might come to like over time. 

Quite notable as well are the wheels painted in black. Especially since the car is pictured here in white, it gives an overall clean look and enhances the ‘Sport’ part of the Montero Sport name. Black wheels on the unit tie it nicely together with the rest of the additions.

mitsubishi montero sport black series

The last addition might go over your head. The roof is colored black, giving it a faux panoramic look. Panoramic roof or not however, we cannot deny that the color scheme is definitely one of our favorites seeing as it just works to emphasize the lines on the SUV. 

While it’s not an outright facelift, it’s still a handsome SUV. The variant that will be released in this edition is the Montero Sport GLS 4x2. It features all the same things that Filipinos have come to love in Mitsubishi’s diesel powered offering. The look package may not be the bee’s knees when it comes to overall package compared to a regular Montero, but one cannot deny that white and black is a timeless color scheme that looks good on almost everything.

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport Black Series has a price tag of P1,800,000 for the Jet Black Mica while an additional P15,000 premium is needed for the White Pearl color. This new variant is limited to 300 units only.

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