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After much work, the new and improved Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) website is up and is under a new domain name, www, This development was done to ensure that consumers can interact online with the Japanese brand. The website is a more convenient and efficient channel to reach consumers especially with social distancing measures in place. 

Design improvements, interactivity features, and new customer tools tab help consumers discover all the ins and outs of their preferred Mitsubishi vehicles from subcompact like the Mirage G4 to bigger offerings like the Mitsubishi Montero Sport Browsing the site is much easier and hassle-free, with a big emphasis on the speed of the interaction. User-friendly elements like large and attractive-looking texts have been used in order to facilitate a user-friendly and functional aesthetic. 

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The site is also optimized for the devices of today. Mobile browsers will have an easy time adapting to the portrait orientation that most smartphones use, while desktop users will be able to view the site in all its widescreen entirety with ease. Mitsubishi Philippines also boasts of its loading performance and scalability for larger texts and images. High-resolution photos were also used to ensure that at any zoom, and no matter how close the consumer gets, the images are pin-sharp and offer good image quality. High-definition videos are also present on-site and play in the background to give the user a very dynamic feel and experience. 

Mitsubishi Website 2020 Vehicle Viewers

Consumers may also view each one of MMPC's offerings in the Philippine market. The brand calls it the Dynamic Vehicle Viewer, which is a quick-loading and easy to use Dynamic 360-degree exterior and interior viewer that will help viewers see the ins and outs of their chosen vehicle in the comforts of their own home. The viewer's preference may also be saved for future reference for specific vehicle variants. 

However, to complete the experience, the website also employs SirQo's lead management software which happens to be the same technology that drives success on the AutoDeal website. Book a test drive, get a quote, and book your service intervals for your preferred dealership all in the comfort of your own home. Convenience is key to this new feature, and it is a powerful tool to help manage the consumer's car-ownership experience. For customers with inquiries, questions, and requests are handled directly by designated and competent Mitsubishi staff that will answer queries as fast as possible. 

A quick and easy dealer locator with an interactive map is also available for website visitors who wish to find a Mitsubishi dealer closest to their home address or anywhere in the country. 

While all of these features make for an already-good customer experience, MMPC promises that a new chatbot function will be added in December of 2020, making the interaction between the brand and its customers quicker and more personal. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the brand, its products, and services may be entertained by this incoming feature. 


MMPC encourages the public to visit the new MMPC website and experience its improved and enhanced user interface that embraces the “New Normal." We value the time of every visitor to our website. Through these improvements, we hope to give our customers a welcoming online user experience and offer them convenience and ease with every visit.

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