Putin's Limo is up for grabs.

Have you ever dreamt of riding a first class vehicle? A presidential car maybe, with bulletproof body, windows, and even the tires? Well, that may be close to happening, with a Russian ex-presidential limo for sale.

We’ll put it like this: Vladimir Putin’s former presidential limo is posted for sale at suchen.mobile.de and its price is twice the brand new. Gold.

Yet, the validity of the details of the car is not clear yet, although the price posted on the ad is a whooping €1.3 million (P67,636,600.20). The seller, who’s located in Moscow, believes that the value of the car is affected by the instance that the car was previously owned by the Russian president.

Built in 1995, the Pullman was already equipped with automatic climate control, seat heaters, electric immobilizer, and cruise control. Moreover, it is powered by a 6.0L 12-cylinder engine under its hood, able to generate 394 hp – which was more than decent during that time.

In addition, the Putin version Pullman is a ballistic-protected beast, which has 25,000 km on its odometer. Now, that’s pretty decent.

While this could be a probable prank, we can’t help but wonder, “Has the president seen this?” – not Putin, we meant our president.

Photo courtesy of MARIAJONER

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