Craigslist is a wonderful place. You can pretty much find anything on that website. There is a certain stigma when it comes to it however, and it’s not that good. For all your automotive needs in the states it is often not advisable to go to Craigslist to buy your used cars. Although sketchy, there are a few hidden gems that can be found from time to time, like this ad selling a collection of vintage and hard-to-find Toyotas from as far back as 1975. 

The ad lists down 5 cars for sale, a 1975 Celica Coupe for $4,000, a 1975 Corolla SR5 for $2,500, a 1978 Cressida for $4,000, a 1978 Celica GT Liftback for $3,800, and a 1980 Corona 4-door Liftback for $2,900. The reason for selling was because the owner was moving out. He also stated that there will be no more storage for his cars in his new location. 

Several of the cars have had work done to them. In the case of the $4,000 Cressida, the old engine was swapped out for a Lexus LS400 motor along with a slew of other parts and bits that the owner had installed. It is rather remarkable the the other cars have not been significantly modified. 

On a more somber note, this man might as well be selling his blood sweat and tears to you. At least in the case of car enthusiasts, it is easy to become attached to your car. From something as mundane as a first service, to something more noteworthy like a first road trip, a car will stay right by your side. It also will, hopefully, be an ever reliable companion through your years of ownership. Memories are made with cars and in cars. From happy memories like a first date, to sadder memories like a break up, your automobile will still be there for you regardless. 

But once you decide it’s time to “break up” with your car, it would be like parting with an ex, it’s always bitter sweet since part of you will miss the familiarity and comfort you have built up over time. At the end of the day, life propels you forward, and that’s always good. 

Here is the ad listing for your viewing pleasure. 

Source: Craigslist Ad

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