Motorists driving along Manila can track their traffic violations online

The City of Manila has been strictly implementing its No-Contact Apprehension Traffic Program (NCAP) which has been in place since December 2020. In conjunction with this, the local government unit made it possible for motorists to see if they have pending violations while driving within the vicinity of Manila. 

Notably, the City’s official website has created a section where motorists can enter their vehicle license plate in order to see if they have any pending traffic violations after driving around Manila. This should be an easy and efficient way for drivers to monitor their current status on Manila roads, allowing them to be more cautious of their driving habits. 

Manila's NCAP system is strictly being implemented. In fact, about 27 different cameras were installed across the city’s major thoroughfares. Aside from its violation tracker, wrongdoers will also receive a notice of violation (NOV) if their plate number is recorded by the system. The following violations that are recorded include disobedience to traffic controls and signals, disregarding lane markings, and reckless driving. 

According to them, Taft Avenue has the highest number of recorded violations. Though it is worth noting that traffic violations have gone down between 25% to 31% month-on-month during the first half of 2021. This was recently affirmed by a statement of the Manila Traffic and Parking Management Bureau (MTPB).

This only shows that our NCAP traffic enforcement system is indeed working and is a major help to the city in terms of managing the traffic.

Given the current data, the MTPB is happy with the results of their NCAP system. Plus, the serious implementation of its rules should encourage more motorists to be cautious as they drive within the city of Manila. Remember, each violation comes with a price, literally, so you better be aware of your driving habits.

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