Quezon City to implement the no-contact apprehension program

Quezon City will soon implement the no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) which is the same one mandated in Manila. This news came after the LGU had signed a public-private partnership agreement with QPAX Traffic Systems for the program’s implementation.

Its policy was recently approved in the second reading by the City Council, though there’s no mention yet of when the program will be rolled out. The launch of the system will incorporate a set of enforcement cameras throughout Quezon City’s 15 major thoroughfares, allowing the LGU to properly monitor traffic violators. If caught in the act, a notice of violation (NOV) will be sent through the address listed in the vehicle’s registration records.

Given the future adaptation of this system, fewer enforcers are expected to be seen on the road. In conjunction with that, since those men on duty will soon be reduced, funds that will be saved are to be diverted to the city’s social services. Another beneficial factor is that the NCAP system shall also lessen physical contact between the enforcers and motorists, therefore, making it relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s about it for now, no modes of payment for the fines and a database for checking existing violations were mentioned just yet. Notably, the NCAP system has become a successful program in the City of Manila. In fact, traffic violations have gone down between 25% to 31% month-on-month during the first half of 2021. This was recently affirmed by a statement of the Manila Traffic and Parking Management Bureau (MTPB). Like in Manila, the serious implementation of its rules should encourage more motorists to be cautious as they drive within the city borders. 

We shall scoop up more information regarding Quezon City’s implementation of the NCAP system. For now, always drive safely and be aware of your toxic habits on the roads. 

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