Motoworld Product Conference

Motoworld and MotoMarket are two of the biggest motorcycle gear and accessories stores in the Philippines. The chain held a product showcase to present its newest additions to its family of brands. The product conference happened at the 13th Inside Racing Bike Fest and Tradeshow last March 22-24, 2019. 

This year, six brands that consumers will get to see in their shops are Metzeler, Taichi, O’Neal, IXON, and Polisport. 


The Metzeler brand produces motorcycle tires and only motorcycle tires. All of their effort to produce and develop tires benefit motorcycle riders and motorcycle riders alone. Product Manager, Mr. Paolo Spagnuolo shared his expertise about motorcycle tires. He also shared Metzeler’s technology behind its newest and most innovative off road tire that can be used on the street and paved roads. The Karoo Street tire, striking a balance between on and off road performance, these tires can bring you to the trail, through the trail, and back to your home. With technology that is unique to Metzeler the Karoo street was the highlight of Mr. Spagnuolo’s presentation for the brand at the conference. 


Apart from tires, a brand known for its high quality leather suits and airbags for MotoGP riders was also on call to showcase its products at the conference. The IXON brand was presented by its export manager, Ms. Sandrine Gaudillat. The brand will be selling its ‘Asian-fit’ line here in the Philippines. Ensuring that its riders are fully covered and protected, IXON riding jackets are padded in key areas to shield riders from impact. The brand, also keen on getting a foothold, also sells more climate appropriate attire, opting to sell well ventilated jackets that still offer protection to the wearer. 


Polisport was another brand that was also showcased. The Portuguese company specializes in motorcycle body panels that are designed and formulated to be hard wearing, sturdy and resistant to the elements. The molded plastics are almost indestructible, at least by the small impacts that may occur on a daily commute, because these items are flexible and resistant enough to bounce back into its original shape. Key accounts manager, Mr. José Amorim demonstrated the installation and application of said products in the conference and challenged the audience to break the sturdy components that Polisport sells. Their range includes everything from brake shields, chain covers, undercarriage protection among others. 


Taichi, a Japanese riding gear brand, was also part of the conference. International sales manager, Mr. Ryoji Fujita showcased small experiments in the conference to demonstrate the design effectiveness of Taichi’s products. TaiChi’s product lineup includes breathable riding gear to cater to the Philippine rider’s needs. The brand also touted its lightweight protection plates that still retain a substantial amount of toughness while remaining light and easy to wear. 


O’Neal was presented by the brand’s export manager, Mr. Marco Witteveen. He was also joined by the company’s product developer, Luca Carrer. The brand’s new 5 series and 3 series helmets are now available in the market. Both series meets the ECE 22.05 safety ratings and are compatible with O’Neal’s IPX ACells. As for their other products for the non-motorized crowd, they also presented their new mountain bike collection which will cater to most enthusiasts. 

Motoworld also holds other brands such as LS2 Helmets, GIVI, Komine, Muc-Off, Oxford, O’Neal, RYO, TCX, Forma, Taichi, Akrapovič Exhausts Systems, Bull-it!, Battery Tender, LV8, Macna, Nolan, X-Lite, Rev’it!, SHOEI, SCHUBERTH, Sena, Metzeler Tyres, Putoline Oils, Dainese, and AGV. These family of brands are all internationally known and high quality, with their brand names tattered onto the posters and promotions of many major events in the world. Get your high quality gear that is tried, tested, and internationally acclaimed in Motoworld. Quality gear leads to a safer ride, you’ll be in good hands with these brands on your back. 

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