GWM Haval H6 China Unveiling

With GWM’s re-entry into the Philippines, we got a lineup of new models. With the Jolion serving as the entry-level crossover, and the H6 being the most powerful, the brand is looking to make a strong impression on Philippine car buyers by serving up some hybrid options in the Philippines. 

Among the two, the Haval H6 is the current biggest and most fancy crossover that you can get your hands on from the Chinese brand. Among the three vehicles, this is the most progressive in terms of its technology and design, but over in China, a new facelifted third-generation Haval H6 has just been unveiled. 

2024 GWM Haval H6 China Unveiling

With the impression that GWM has already made, it’s likely that there will be quite a number of people that will be interested in what the new Haval H6 has to offer. GWM’s home country is a market that is rife with many options, and the new H6 is a bid to keep things interesting for the nameplate. The facelifted model gets a new set of bumpers, along with styling cues that make it look all-new compared to the current model the Philippines has. The headlights are slimmed down and repositioned, and the grille is nowhere to be found. Instead, we get an opening towards the bottom of the bumper that gives it a mean look. 

Following that, the rear is also revised with separate taillights, unlike the current generation’s full-width set. We can also see a panoramic sunroof which is a carryover from the second generation, and there is also a new set of alloy wheels to go with the refreshed model. 

2024 GWM Haval H6 China Unveiling

Size-wise, there is a slight bump, with the new H6 getting longer by 58 mm and wider by 54 mm, bringing its total length-width-height measurements to 4,711 mm by 1,940 mm by 1,730 mm on a wheelbase of 2,738 mm.  

Having just entered the country, however, the pre-facelift Haval H6 is still plenty new in the eyes of consumers, so it’s unknown whether GWM will push through with this change right away for the time being. For now, the question of which version looks better is something that we’re wondering about since the model we currently have still looks the part of a hybrid electric vehicle that’s all new and looking to make a splash in the market. 

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