Nissan Opens Valenzuela dealership Philippines

Nissan Philippines Inc., together with Prospercars Inc., began construction of the first Valenzuela City Dealership. This dealership will not only serve the customers of Valenzuela but also for the northern cities in Luzon. 

This milestone highlights Nissan’s commitment to make Nissan cars easily accessible to more people in the country. Our Valenzuela dealership is one of the many dealerships set to open in the coming years as part of our nationwide expansion plans

The dealership is 1,000 square meters and will feature a 2-story establishment, which will consist of a showroom on the first floor and a service workshop on the second floor. There were no exact details specified by NPI about what the layout of the service bays will look like and what the possible capacity is for the workshop area. The same can be said for the showroom, but for now, it’s a guessing game as to how many cars can be displayed at the new dealership. This shows that despite Nissan’s global financial troubles, it's still moving forward with expansion plans and sales to recover its lost profits.

Nissan isn't the first company to construct a dealership in Valenzuela, Toyota recently opened a dealership in the area as well. This may show a trend as to how car companies are expanding into the northern parts of Luzon, furthering their coverage and services on the island. 

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