2019 Nissan LEAF e-plus

Battery technology is the next big trend in the automotive industry as car companies are slowly shifting into electric cars or hybrid vehicles. Range and rechargeability is now the name of the game as automotive brands are searching for new and innovative ways to help make batteries more viable for future consumers. 

Currently, the go-to choice for battery packs is Lithium-ion. While these are effective, with new technologies slowly increasing the range over time, production costs and charging times are still high. Compared to fossil fuels opting to go for battery technology can be a hard sell as it is quicker to refuel than it is to recharge. Nissan, however, wants to change this by developing a new, safer, and cheaper lithium-ion battery that comes with an increased charge capacity.

We believe the widespread adoption of this technology will contribute to fulfilling the UN’s sustainable development goals and help realize a sustainable, low-carbon society
Nissan Car battery

While the technology is great, there is no official word yet as to when or how Nissan will be applying these next-generation batteries into its electric and hybrid vehicle lineup. The Japanese brand, however, states that these new batteries can be used in other applications other than just vehicles. This opens up the possibility for these batteries to be used as an alternative power source for your home or a way for you to store power from a clean energy source such as a solar panel.

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