Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert

Do you know that by having properly inflated tires can lower your gas expenses? Well it does because with the right pressure, your engine wouldn't exert much effort to move your vehicle. So, filling them up before you go for a long drive is one of the things you may want to consider doing as a habit.

In the Philippines, air pumps have digital meter installed on them. However, not all, especially small provincial gas stations, have those or some aren't just working properly. Well, the country could use the Easy-Fill Tire Alert from Nissan – a built-in tire pressure monitoring device that alerts you when you filled your tire up with the right amount of air.

Despite it not being available here, it's still a cool feature we look forward to seeing on local Nissan cars today. Easy-Fill Tire Alert negates the use of any handheld devices like a tire pressure gauge. With this innovation, you can easily fill your tires with the right amount of PSI under a shorter period of time, as compared to someone using a third-party device. Here's how it works: 

First, you need to engage the parking brake. You must then turn off the engine but leave the ignition in accessory mode. Once you begin filling your tires, the exterior lights will flash, indicating that the Easy-Fill Tire Alert is engaged. The car will honk upon reaching the right PSI and that's about it.

In case you overinflate, the horn will sound again and the hazard indicators will flash three times – that's when you need to release some air. 

Here, watch this: 

Internationally, the Easy-Fill Tire Alert system is available in 12 of Nissan's model (including the LEAF), one of which is the locally available and it’s the X-Trail, also known as Rogue in the US. We think Nissan wouldn't mind bringing it here in a couple of years or so. I hope they do, as it can help you save precious amount of time.

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