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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and NMKV Co., Ltd. made a joint announcement today regarding the production milestone achieved by their collaborative efforts. The cumulative production of the Nissan Sakura and Mitsubishi Motors eK X EV electric minivehicles has successfully reached a notable figure of 50,000 units. This accomplishment has been attained within a span of approximately one year since production commenced. The Mizushima Plant in Okayama Prefecture, Japan, operated by Mitsubishi Motors, serves as the production hub for both of these vehicles.

Nissan Sakura EV

The Sakura and eK X EV represent a new generation of minivehicles that have been meticulously planned, developed, and managed by NMKV, an esteemed joint venture between Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. These exceptional models have garnered significant recognition, including prestigious accolades such as the 2022-2023 Japan Car of the Year award, the RJC Car of the Year award, and the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame (JAHFA) Car of the Year award. Notably, in the era of decarbonization, both vehicles have been praised for their role in providing an ideal form of mobility in Japan as fully electric minivehicles.

The successful production of electric vehicles at such a scale by these two innovative companies is the result of a harmonious integration of Nissan's cutting-edge EV production technologies and Mitsubishi Motors' expertise in EV-minivehicle production. Mitsubishi Motors has previously demonstrated its prowess in this domain through the production of the i-MiEV, the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle, and the Minicab MiEV. The two companies have achieved a commendable balance between high-quality output and cost competitiveness by leveraging these combined capabilities.

Mitsubishi EV

Looking ahead, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, through their joint venture NMKV, remain committed to continuously improving the Sakura and eK X EV as exceptional products. Their aim is to further expand their customer base in Japan by delivering these remarkable electric minivehicles to an even broader audience. With a shared vision for the future of sustainable mobility, the companies are determined to make significant contributions to the ongoing transition towards decarbonization and create a positive impact in the automotive industry.

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