2018 Nissan N350 Urvan

Earlier this month, we've gathered intel that Nissan Philippines will be increasing the prices for the NV350 Urvan. According to our source, the increase will amount up to P50,000, or a 2 to 4% increase. 

Now, the company announced the launch schedule for the NV350 Urvan and Urvan Premium. According to Nissan PH president and managing director Ramesh Narasimhan, the updated Urvan will be launched early this November. Narasimhan said that the 2018 Urvan will feature exterior facelift, as well as some interior changes.

At the same time with the new Urvan, the company will be launching a new look for the Urvan Premium with interior and exterior updates. Nissan will also offer the Urvan Premium with an automatic transmission. The updated Urvan and Urvan Premium are both Euro-4 compliant. 

With the estimated increase, the Nissan NV350 Urvan could carry a price tag of P1.3M for the base variant. The Urvan Premium, on the other hand, may possibly peak to P1.7M.

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