Nissan Micra Gen 5

Nissan Motor Co. announced its first major strategy in enhancing the services for internet-connected cars. This is expected to contribute 25% of aftersales revenue by 2022 in relation to connected car services. 

Nissan Corporate Vice President and head of the Global Aftersales Division Kent O'Hara said that this strategy is about giving the customers more choices and additional services to improve the ownership experience. 

Of note, future services is said to include advance notice to customers when the car needs to go for maintenance or servicing. It will also include automatic ordering of parts to ensure dealer's availability when the customer visits. 

However, this will not be the first time features of such will be introduced. While Nissan takes its first step into connected car technology, other car makers like Lynk & Co announced the same feature in their 01 SUV last October. An added feature like a car sharing system which is to be accessed via smartphone is also included in the package.

BMW, on the other hand, also has the same feature but with added appliance control. This feature allows your car to start its engine automatically once you turn on a specific electric appliance such as a coffee maker. 

Nissan connected cars will be available in Japan and India and then expanding later on in other countries by 2020. 

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