Juke side teaser

Nissan has released another teaser of the 2020 Juke and it looks like the subcompact crossover is definitely here to stay with a second generation. 

This is the third teaser thus far. The teaser in question this time is a low resolution picture of the side profile of the juke, which makes it hard to distinguish other features of the car. Similar to that of previous teasers the car is hidden in darkness only revealing the outline and the lights of the Juke.

Put side by side with the older model Juke, the new one has outgrown the older generaton's proportions. This time it looks a little more safe and conventional compared to the outgoing model. The roof has less of a slope than before and now garnishes a new rear spoiler. More changes can be seen with the rear window as the steeper angle is now gone. Gone are the tall boomerang tail lights and in are new dual layer tail lights. 

This new 2020 Juke also drops the LED clearance lights of the previous models and goes with integrated set of lights instead. All these new design changes hint that the new Juke will have a more conventional design. This, however, goes against what the original quirky Juke nameplate was. The Juke gained its following from its hate it or love it looks.That is what gives the Juke it's quirky appeal.

There is, however, no word on what will power this new 2020 Juke and when it will be launched in the Philippines. The 2020 Juke is rumored to be either powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine or a 1.5-liter diesel engine, or it will retain the 1.6-liter engine that it has now. It is also rumored to have a hybrid variant coming up. This is partly in thanks to the new Juke sharing the CMF-B platform that it shares with the Renault Clio. 

But one thing is for sure – the second generation Juke is coming on September 3, 2019.

Source: Motor1.com

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