Nissan ariya launch announcement

Nissan has announced that it will be launching the production version of its concept car the Nissan Ariya on July 15, 2020. The all-new electric crossover will be launched via a virtual launch event. The Ariya is based-off a concept vehicle with the same name that originally made its debut back in 2019 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept vehicle at the time featured a new “shield” design instead of a grille along with a two electric-motor setup giving it all-wheel drive.

The Nissan Ariya is rumored to be riding on the Japanese brand’s newest 4ORCE platform where the “4” stands for all-wheel-drive. With the launch of the Ariya happening soon this will mark another entry from Nissan into the all-electric market. Currently, the only mass-production electric vehicle that the Japanese brand has is the Leaf Hatchback. With the new 4ORCE platform Nissan can support a variety of body styles and other EVs that could come from its alliance partners Renault and Mitsubishi.

Nissan Ariya concept

Not much else is known about the upcoming Nissan Ariya, however, thanks to leaked patented images of the vehicle we can speculate that it has roughly smaller dimensions than the Nissan X-trail. As such the all-electric crossover could be positioned just below it in the Japanese brand’s vehicle lineup.

The Nissan Ariya is expected to go on sale first in the United States sometime next year and it could enter the market as a 2022 model. While there is no official news from Nissan Philippines if it will bring the Ariya into the country it still has plenty of time to develop an electric vehicle market with the introduction of the Nissan LEAF. If the hybrid electric hatchback proves to be a hit in the Philippines then the possibility of the Japanese brand bringing in the Ariya increases. 

For now, we will just have to wait and see what Nissan has in store for the launch of the Ariya this coming July 15, 2020. 

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